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Basement Waterproofing in the Silver Spring, MD area

index_imageWater problems can often be corrected (and should) from the exterior. Very often water proofing contractors are quick to install interior sump pump drainage systems. This is not water proofing at all…but rather water management!

We start with an inspection of your homes exterior for obvious water sources (i.e. negative drainage, missing down spouts). Basement interior drainage systems (also known as sump pumps) which are commonly used is really water management, not water proofing. Waterproofing can only be done from the outside. We recommend exterior drainage improvements in conjunction with interior systems to minimize pump cycles.

Don’t get trapped by the large companies that send out a salesman to sell you their ”system”. Call us….talk to the person that will be at your job during the project.

The basic ways water gets into your basement:

  1. poor grading around the house foundation and window wells
  2. clogged downspouts, broken downspouts
  3. cracks in foundation walls
  4. high water table during rains
  5. missing or blocked foundation drains
  6. hydrostatic pressure
  7. missing or damaged parging
  8. overgrown shrubs and landscaping can prevent water runoff away from house
  9. basement steps/walls/ areaway drains are often entry points for water
  10. settlement of backfill causing voids under slabs.

It’s the damage to your foundation walls you cannot see – often behind drywall or paneling that needs to be corrected. Water from rain and melting snow enter the ground around your foundation, and can create structural damage and health issues. Whether it is just re-grading around the outside of your home, installing an interior drainage system or a full excavation of your home’s foundation, give us a call!

If your home is experiencing any floods or foundation problems, contact us today for a solution.

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  • Drainage Systems
  • Footings

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