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Helical Piers for Foundation Repairs in Montgomery County, MD

helical piers used in construction

Repairs to foundations can sometimes be effectively addressed with the use of helical piers. These special anchors are shaped like a giant screw and are literally screwed into the earth and secured to a building with a combination of steel and concrete. These supports are ideal solutions for many types of repairs including steps, stairs, brick chimneys, wrap-around porches, and more.

Helical Pier installation with skid steer
Helical Pier Installation with Skid Steer

Application of these creative supports includes both residential foundation repair as well as commercial and industrial solutions. The appeal for helical piers is based on a wide range of best-case scenarios. Helical piers are simple to install. Load testing can be verified readily. The screwing process means they can be installed well below active soils and they can be installed in all types of weather. Disruption to landscaping is also minimal and there is little to no shaking or vibration to the building during installation.

M Taylor Enterprise has used helical piers in construction and foundation projects throughout Montgomery County Maryland. Projects have included tiebacks for walls that were bowing and leaning, new construction, old construction, sloped areas and also to help add lift for sunken concrete and stone slabs.

Hydraulic motors are used to quickly and safely install these supports and our team has extensive experience utilizing this effective source of foundation repair support.

Contact us if you think helical piers may be an answer to your particular project. Advice is always free.

Home Advisor Helical Pier for Foundations Review: 9/17/2017

MattĀ and his crew solved a tough problem for me and did so with speed, quality, and professionalism. They were in and out in one day, working hard the whole time. I am very impressed with their work and I highly recommend them.

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