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Our Home Structure Repair Testimonials

  • Dear Matt, Enclosed is the payment for the contracting work in the basement. I appreciate very much the professional and the caring manner in which you managed the job. Believe me that was important because of the shear anxiety I had. Thank you for your assurance. I also appreciate the way that your staff went about their duties and seemingly did a great job.

    M. Green
  • “Dear Mr. Taylor, Enclosed is my check for full payment of foundation work and oversize gutter. The work is great!” – J. Batik
    “Matt. thanks for your help, patience and suggestions.”

    R. Helzner
  • “Hi Matt, How are things? I hope this finds you well. I am remiss in writing to thank you for your excellent work on the basement of our old house in Takoma Park last spring. You and your crew were incredible. When I tell people that you guys tromped through our bedroom and excavated one of our basement walls and DID THE WORK ON TIME AS PROMISED, people look at me like I’m crazy. Seriously, the care you take in your work (showing up when you say you will, keeping the work site clean, returning calls/emails promptly) is really great and distinguishes you from the field. I so appreciated the way you helped me work through our basement issues (starting small with the outside grading which really made a difference) and then helped me to brainstorm how to address the problem and proceed with selling our house. I may have told you this last year, but I would not have undertaken the sale of our home had I not had your help.

    We love living in Silver Spring and are really enjoying our house. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your work (my husband did too, but he was never obsessed by the basement like I was). My only regret was not having you guys do the work sooner, Then I could have enjoyed living with a dry basement for 6 years instead of mopping up water EVERY time it rained! You were right—people shouldn’t live like that.

    I have passed your name along to three people in Takoma who were having water issues, don’t know if it produced any work for you or not. If you would like me to write a formal letter of reference for your files/website, please let me know. I am happy to give you a glowing recommendation.

    Before I forget, I was wondering if you could give me Jarrod’s phone number. Our new house is not without its issues (fortunately not the basement this time, but it does involve water—we need to get a couple of ceilings’ drywall/plaster repair.). Jarrod did such a great job on drywall and general carpentry that I, love to give him a call. We could really use his help.

    Thanks again, Matt, and my apologies for not writing to you sooner. “

    Heather, Silver Spring
  • “Matt, Great job and many thanks to Brad and the rest of your crew. “

    S. Stewart, Calverton
  • “Dear Mr. Taylor, Thank you for good service on the home structure repair. Please accept the extra bonus as a reward or holiday gift!”

    Mrs. Cooper
  • “Matt, Thank you for doing a great job on our driveway. We are very happy with your work. Please feel free to use us as a reference. “

    J. Martin, Silver Spring
  • “Thank you, It’s really attractive and it’ll be great to be off the street”

  • “Matt, Thanks for a great job.”

    Tom Greene
  • “Dear Matt, Thank you for adjusting your fee. It’s nice to know the type of man you are working with.”

    Regards, T. McCarmick
  • “Dear Matt, Thank you so much for redoing our backyard and so efficiently.”

    K. Chase