Experienced Foundation Repair Specialists

Masonry and Concrete Repair in the Silver Spring, MD area

index_imageWe specialize in all types of concrete and masonry. When we do masonry repairs to an existing structure, we go out of our way to match mortar color and brick style.

Our standards demand that the concrete is to the proper thickness—many contractors only use wooden 2×4 forms, which actually are 3 1/2 inches tall. The result of doing so leaves you with a thinner slab. We use metal forms when possible, and our slabs have a minimum of 5″ thickness. We use heavy wire-reinforcing metal in 5’x10′ sheets supported by high chairs; this ensures that reinforcement is up in the concrete, not laying on the ground like most other companies.

We take our time to make sure that slabs are sloped correctly and in a direction away from structures. Just as importantly, you are not left with a mess! We thoroughly clean up when the job is done!

We also only use local concrete plants. This helps us to avoid ‘hot loads’ — loads that require excessive amounts of water and result in a substandard mix of concrete.

Here are just a few types of masonry and concrete projects that we can offer you:

  • addition footings
  • driveways and patio
  • concrete walls to existing structures
  • chimney repairs
  • house wall cracks in bricksl
  • retaining walls
  • garage floor replacements
  • settle basement floor replacements
  • egress window and window wells
  • hairlines cracks
  • we cut holes in foundation walls for windows and doors

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