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Basement waterproofing services are a key offering of M Taylor Enterprise. Our business began many years ago with this service as a central area of expertise. Many homes in Central Maryland have water issues partly due to the longevity of homes that have been built here. The United States grew in the east and then proceeded west leaving a trail of aging homes susceptible to water damage and drainage issues.

Our construction company approaches water proofing a basement from the outside of the building first since the actual source of water damage begins on the outside and works its way inside.  This is a problem seen in a vast number of homes in our area and it results in potentially long lasting and harmful effects on the dwelling. Homes and businesses are both prime targets for the effects of foundation water damage.

We sometimes hear from property owners that they have worked with other companies to address the issue through sump pumps and wall patches that only address the inside of the home. This lower cost solution doesn’t deal with the root cause of water seepage since it is not getting at the core issue on the outside of the home.

M. Taylor Enterprise’s approach starts with a visual inspection of the exterior of the home or business and then we look inside to see the full picture. Our inspectors are also our workers so they know exactly what to look for an also how to best correct the problem.

We believe experienced sales people should also be the actual inspectors in our industry since they know how to address the issues and then follow through with a plan of action.

Contact us today to talk to our experienced staff who will be the ones at your home or business during the construction process. If your home is experiencing basement water intrusion and/or foundation issues, our team will provide a lasting solution.

Yelp.com Basement Waterproofing Repair Review: December

Matt Taylor the owner and operator of M Taylor Enterprise, is very knowledgeable professional and old school in that he is no pressure, easy to work with and does not require any payment until the work is completed to your satisfaction.

He reinforced a basement wall in my parents home and corrected some poor unnecessary work forced on my parents from a previous company. Hi also removed a sagging porch and poured a new one that was reinforced on the front with structural piers and more firmly cemented to the front of the house. His workers are polite, professional and cleaned up very well after all the work was completed. I cannot think of anyone else that would be better to call if you need work done for any foundation or structural repairs. His pricing is very fair and transparent.

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