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Basement Waterproofing in Prince George’s County

Water proofing a basement is always an outside to inside process. The true source of water damage begins on the exterior of the home at the foundation and works its way inside.

This common problem in many older homes causes issues that have a lasting impact on the quality and structure of the building. Just dealing with water from the inside with the use of sump pumps and wall patching is a water management process and not water proofing. We have seen many home owners purchase a water management process only to be disappointed that their home continues to seep water. Only by dealing with the exterior source of the water can a long lasting solution be created. At MTaylor Enterprise , our process first starts with an inspection of the property by a trained contractor who has experience correcting these issues. Our workers are also our sales people. We think an informed and experienced sales person is the best person to identify the issues and recommend a solution.

During the inspection we look for noticeable sources of water including negative drainage, outdoor down spouts that might be missing, and other visual sources of damage caused by running and flowing water.

We commonly advise that waterproofing a basement can only be effectively handled from the outside of the building. We strongly recommend exterior drainage improvements along with inside systems to effectively decrease water pump cycling.

Call us and talk to our experienced crew who will be the ones at your home or business during the improvement process. If your home is experiencing water intrusion and/or foundation problems, contact our team to discuss a lasting solution.

Angie’s List Basement Waterproofing Repair Review: October

Matt and his brother’s solution was to lay a  slab of concrete at the front and rear of the house. It made perfect sense to me. It actually made dollars and sense as their solution saved me about 13K, and it stopped me from going into debt as I was considering financing options for the 13k waterproofing bid. 

Matt and his brother went over and above. They did some extras such as connecting my downspout in the back that was not operational. They also disconnected another downspout and reconnected it to make it shorter as it was far too long, and would eventually develop blockages and further potential problems.  M. Taylor Enterprise LLC gets an A plus in my book. Their straightforward, no BS approach, pricing, job quality and timeliness of completion should make them the first choice on anyone’s list for waterproofing issues and masonry work. They understand what long haul business thinking is, and that if you treat the customer well, the money will follow.  I can’t thank them enough.
Sincerely, Joel Lerner !
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