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Basement foundation repairs are a common service for our business! Our construction crew has become experts as the result of hundreds of successful projects that mitigate water intrusion into home basements. In addition to home repairs we have also helped a multitude of small businesses in Howard County as well.

Our business originally started off in Silver Spring and then grew to include the greater Central MD area. Please feel free to contact us for a no pressure quote to discuss your particular situation. Our “givers gain” goal is to help and advise above all.

The eastern shore of the United States has rainfall and the full spectrum of seasons that ultimately creates issues with walls and foundations leading to cracks, splits and even crumbling. We also have unstable soil and ground in this area and poor drainage which can contribute to footing and foundation problems. Receding water after a rainfall can enter a building via cracks and even window wells which exacerbates an initially minor problem.

Any good realty team will tell you that water infiltration issues decrease home sale and resale values issues. Feel free to call us for an inspection of your residential/commercial property from a crew that has a very wide body of experience. Our leader and owner, Mr. Matthew Taylor comes to your home and will give you a detailed proposal and repair estimate.

Yelp – Howard Co Area Foundation Repair Review: 9/17/2017

Our basement wall had horizontal and stair stepped cracking, and was shearing in. We were nervous because our gas, electric, and plumbing runs through or along that wall. We called Matt Taylor and he came right out. He quickly understood what needed to happen and his estimate came in under the others we got.

My wife and I rent. Usually triangulating with our landlord in California and contractors is a pain in the @%*. Not the case with these guys. The crew was run by his brother and they were friendly, communicative, and professional.  They even worked a Saturday to finish waterproofing the exterior before inclement weather hit. They completed the job in two weeks (the time expected) and restored the yard back to its former glory, seeding the lawn and mulching the beds.

These folks have tremendous work ethic and experience to boot. Nice job!!
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